Adriaan Lokman

After making Barcode in 2002, I decided it was much more fun to make independent animation films than commercial productions as I had been doing so far with my studio Lokman Productions. As I had won the “Grand Prix” at the festival in Annecy, France, my wife and I decided to try our luck in France. In decembre 2004 we emigrated. Beside making films, we occupy ourselves with renting “Roulottes Romantiques”, romantic gypsywagons as gîtes. Films I made so far: Barcode (2001) Trainspotting (2002) Shredder (2002) Forecast (2006)

2 Responses to Adriaan Lokman

  1. Just watched chase twice round the loop at the Filmmuseum Amsterdam. Fun and brilliant. Free the triangles form the mesh, digital revolution!

  2. Kees Brienen

    Hoi hoi beste Adriaan,

    Ik hoop dat het goed met je gaat. Ik overweeg je film Barcode uit 2001 te vertonen voor een bescheiden publiekje in Den Haag tijdens de Museumnacht in Het Nutshuis. Hoe kan ik dat doen..? Laat me weten wat je denkt…

    Hartelijke groeten van Kees Brienen

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